A Little About Us

Oak Level Baptist Church traces its beginning to local prayer meetings. In the summer of 1935, Mr. Robert L. Haynes began to hold services in the rear of a service station at Oak Grove Park. During a revival held in 1935, led by Dr. J. P. McCabe and Rev. W. J. Yeaman, and assisted by Robert L. Haynes and George Stegall, several converts expressed concern for the establishment of a Missionary Baptist Church in the Oak Level area.

With this purpose in mind, people in the community met on September 3, 1935, with Dr. McCabe presiding. A committee, under the leadership of M. M. Young, selected a lot offered by Herbert and Erie Ramsey. This is where the church now stands. The land was deeded to the church on March 6, 1936.

During the summer and fall of 1937, people of the Oak Level Community worked long hours to complete the small white frame church building, even constructing handmade pews and a pulpit.

Oak Level Baptist Church was officially organized on September 19, 1937, with 46 Charter Members. In fall of 1938 the first pastor, Rev. M. B. Major was called and he served until 1944. Since that time our pastors have been P. Eugene Brewer, 1944 –1946; Joe B. Crouch, 1946 –1950; G. C. Lynch, 1951 – 1954; Louis O’Connor, 1954 – 1956; Edgar E. Ferrell, Jr., 1957 – 1959; Glenn D. Greenway, Sr., 1960 – 1965; Zack H. Fleming, 1965 – 1969; A. B. Greene, Jr., 1970 –1972; Edwin R. Walter, 1973 – 1975; Charles L. McGuire, 1976 – 1979; L. Grant Carter, III, 1980 – 1988; Randall Blackmon, 1989 – 1995; Len Keever, Jr., 1996 – 2003; Interim Pastor, Dr. Calvin Rains, 2003 – 2005; Dr. Charles D. Lumpkin, 2005 – 2010; Interim Pastor, Steve Manuel, 2011– 2015; and Rev. Joe Glass, 2015 - Present.

The existing building was remodeled and enlarged under the leadership of Rev. Joe B. Crouch who was serving both the Oak Level Baptist Church and Blackberry Baptist Church.